Pedalboards should not be boring — that’s my philosophy, and that’s why I started Pumaboards. Pedals come in all these bright, fancy designs; shouldn’t they be showcased with something more respectable than a bare piece of wood or metal?

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Insanely customizable

Pumaboards are extremely customizable, from the size to the Tolex colors, and offer quite a few extra frills such as corners and an assortment of sockets and jacks.

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Built to last forever

These pedalboards are made to last. They are hand-crafted out of high-quality clear pine, with only the best Tolex and other materials. They are extremely sturdy and can survive years of travel and use.

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No factories involved

Pumaboards is a one-man operation. I do this because I love it, and I strive to make my customers happy. One-on-one correspondence is my specialty, and I love helping people build their dream pedalboard.

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Intro to Pumaboards

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All I can say is, wow. It’s exactly the way I wanted it, and even nicer than I expected. From start to finish, you are a first-class professional operation all the way. What a pleasure to do business with a guy like you, who obviously cares about his product a great deal. I looked at just about every pedalboard out there on the market before before deciding to pull the trigger on one of yours, and man I’m glad I did. Thanks.

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